Soulful Retreats

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Do you wish to take a pause from work stress?

Do you seek a break to be self aware?

Do you seek a funfilled getaway ?

When : 23rd , 24th & 25th September 2022

Where : Art Village, Karjat, Maharashtra

Investment : Rs 14999/- ( Inaugural offer only till 9th September)
Investment : Rs 14999/-
( Inaugural offer only till 9th September)

Inclusions: Stay / All meals / Sessions / Tools to continue the process.



Inaugural offer
18500 -14999/- PER PERSON
  • Valid Till 9th September
Limited Offer

List of Benefits

Enhanced self awareness

Enhanced self confidence

More resilient to stress

Strengthened emotional functions

Experiencing ease with body

Enhanced creativity

Better immunity

Improved mental physical emotional health

Clearer vision to achieve goals ( personal & professional)

Abundant life

Triggering happy hormones

About Souljourns

We at Souljourns are committed to creating a fun-filled nonjudgemental space for all those who wish to explore their identity and lead an insightful life. One of the tools for same is by asking the right questions leading to self-awareness, then to self-acknowledgement for an aware and expansive living of choices. Our sole purpose in this endeavour is to facilitate soulful experiences.

Team Souljourns

As an Image Consultant stepping in the energy healing processes led me to enhance my happiness quotient, thus commenced journey to assist self and those who seek more.

-Bhawna Kapoor

Transition from a homemaker to an Energy Healer and eventually an Entrepreneur has fueled the passion to create a difference in people’s lives and introduce them to a life of possibilities and joy.

-Ambika Krisna

Being a successful entrepreneur and succeeding in diverse businesses I learnt  there’s life beyond it all. Hence now, | intend to build a community of seekers who wish to evolve and help others for leading a life of choice and not compulsion.

- Shivkumar Menon

Honing varied hats for diverse creative spaces in media n fitness industry, I can vouch that one can manage it all with panache and ease while people may call it hardwork. Yet to balance it efficiently, I believe each one can develop the skill of Time Management n art of Unsocialising. Trust that every inconvenience is a potential opportunity, so never give in, before giving it all.

-Sid Vohra